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Weight Techniq's Jaw-Dropping 64 Kg Weight Loss Testimonial

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Weight Techniq

The Ultimate Weight Loss Program For Women


The Weight Techniq program is a highly effective and FAST way to lose a lot of weight and get a better body shape. It has been developed by top health professionals and is a diet that causes rapid weight loss. You can expect to see amazing results in a very short period of time.

One of the fastest selling programs of it's kind, the Weight Techniq program is priced at only £450 and is made up of three main phases. In the first phase you will consume Weight Techniq nutritional meal replacement servings each day. These are protein-based and come in a range of sweet flavours. In addition to  this, you will eat unlimited quantities of a range of fruit and vegetables. You will be consuming nutrition, probably, more often than before. The main theory behind this is to keep your metabolism moving. After the first phase, which is where you will lose at least 70% of your weight, other foods will gradually be introduced back into your daily diet.

The Weight Techniq diet program easily fits into your life. You may have an upcoming event or show, or perhaps you may have a personal occasion coming up so the ideal time to begin your transformation is NOW! 

The Weight Techniq program is so simple and a completely sure-fire way to a new you. The shakes are so easy to prepare. The program is highly adaptable making it ideal for people with hectic schedules and busy lifestyles.

By joining the Weight Techniq program, you will get an opportunity of a lifetime. This is your chance to change your appearance and in turn, improve your overall image.

Many people are afraid that that they will feel hungry. Please rest assured that you will NOT feel hungry, weak or tired while on the Weight Techniq diet. You will be able to operate as you normally do AND you will have the energy to exercise. (Please note that exercise is purely optional and you will still lose weight regardless of whether you exercise or not). The Weight Techniq diet will also stabilise your blood sugar levels so you will not have cravings. Most people say that they actually feel better than normal, with some even feeling satiated, whilst on the Weight Techniq program.

The Weight Techniq program will allow you to lose weight quickly and consistently, probably much faster than on any other diet you have tried. The program aims for an average monthly loss of 6 to 12 Kg (13 to 26 Lbs).

COST - £450 

Please note that a £250 deposit is payable upon joining the Weight Techniq Program after which we will then carry out your initial consultation.


  • A complete pack which clearly guides you through PHASE 1 of the seven total phases of the program plus regular reviews 
  • A one time supply of nutrition that you will require for the program plus a one time supply of additional supplements
  • Close monitoring and continuous support for the duration of the weight loss program to ensure you are on target
  • Your weight will be stabilised and maintained at it's new level so that you can KEEP it stable long-term
  • Follow-up support will also be provided for when you have completed the program, should you require it
  • The highest degree of confidentiality will be maintained at ALL times


There are numerous diets that will make you lose weight - for a short time. A crash diet will work too, but as you starve yourself your body reduces your  metabolic rate as a survival mechanism, so losing weight becomes harder and harder. On a crash diet, your body will also break down muscle tissue, which is the very opposite of what you want and will leave you weak and unhealthy. Eventually, you will most probably give up.

Slower diets work too - but slow is the crucial word here. If you  have a lot of weight to lose, it takes a phenomenal amount of willpower, endurance and self-control to keep dieting for as long as it is going to take. Unfortunately, most people don't manage it.

The Weight Techniq program provides you with diet far better than any other diet in that it allows you to lose weight quickly without losing muscle and slowing down your metabolic rate. This program is a secure way to get out of that horrendous pattern of yo-yo dieting.

One main element of the Weight Techniq diet program is that it is  especially structured to help you in the most crucial stages - stabilisation and maintenance. You are not just left with an abrupt ending in this program which can  most certainly lead to weight gain as the body tries to grab hold of the  extra energy stores. NO! We ensure that the Weight Techniq program  supports you all the way through by following a series of stabilisation and maintenance stages. Once you have reached your new weight, you will  have been advised on what your individual metabolic rate is so that you  know exactly what you can eat and how much based on your metabolic rate.

In addition to this, your new weight and body shape will most  certainly keep you motivated in maintaining your weight too. We are sure you will be absolutely thrilled to slip into those new clothes that you could not have imagined ever wearing before. The Weight Techniq program truly transforms your body in a way that you could not have thought was possible.

The Weight Techniq program is non-surgical and it does not involve the taking of drugs or medicines to promote weight loss, yet it is highly remarkable and effective.

We don’t think so. Surgery is in fact, much more expensive,  invasive, unpleasant, risky and does not always work. Gastric banding, ballooning, and gastric bypass surgery can cause nasty side-effects like bloating, nausea, stomach pain and bowel upsets. They can even mean that you don’t get enough nutrition, which could be disastrous.


  • You are diabetic.
  • You are pregnant or could be pregnant, (e.g. if you are late for a menstrual period).
  • You are breast-feeding.
  • You have a history of cancer.  
  • You have any disorder or abnormality of the blood.  
  • You have any disorder of the kidneys.  
  • You have any disorder of the liver.  
  • You have any disorder or abnormality of the heart.  
  • You have osteoporosis.  
  • You have high blood pressure.  
  • You have a thyroid disorder.  
  • You have a history of gallstones, gall bladder problems, or pancreatitis.  
  • You have a history of gout.  
  • You have any other significant past or present health problems.
  • You have significant abnormalities of your blood tests.  
  • You have had any previous significant adverse reaction to this or any similar treatments. 
  • You are taking vasopressin, anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) or any other treatment which inhibits your kidneys’ ability to excrete fluid.

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